Chocolate makes you happy. No, really. Eating chocolate - notably dark chocolate - improves levels of the ‘feel-good’ brain chemical serotonin, which helps elevate mood and improve sleep patterns.

Not all chocolate is created equal, though; it’s the good stuff made with high levels of cocoa that triggers the happy feelings. Fortunately there are several places in Cork...

Images of Kinsale and Cork will be beamed into the homes of 1.5 million Canadians in 2015. A TV crew is filming in Ireland right now for a popular cooking show called Gourmet Escapes.
Hosted by celebrity Canadian chef Gerardo D’amore, the premise of Gourmet Escapes is simple: the chef travels to an interesting destination, where he is set a cooking challenge by a local...

If you’re in search of the perfect Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life you could do a lot worse than treat them to a range of speciality coffees from around the world as part of the new Bewley’s Coffee Project.
Following on from an idea that’s popular abroad, Bewley’s have started a subscription service which will see a different batch of...

As wine buffs will no doubt know already, Christmas has officially started in the Burgundy region as of yesterday, November 20th, known as Beaujolais Nouveau Day.

As soon as the midnight bells stopped tolling, more than a million cases of brand new wine began their exodus from the land of their birth, bound for Paris and thence for the rest of the world.

New Beaujolais hits the...

Rachid Zaouia’s Christmas recipe may look like it’s not for the faint hearted, but it’s not as difficult as it appears and the results are out of this world!

Serves 2
For the Christmas Pudding Spring Roll

200g of Christmas pudding
4 Sheets of Spring Roll pastry
50g Roasted Pine Nuts
2 Egg yolks
20g Caster sugar...

“Stereotypes,” they say, “exist for a reason”. There’s one Irish stereotype I don’t think any of us object to, and that’s that we love our stews. And why wouldn’t we? A long slow cook tenderising the meat, thick rich gravy, great big chunks of root vegetables and a dash - or two or three - of porter thrown in for good measure, and a good stew can...

Huguenot on Carey’s Lane has been voted Cork’s best restaurant on the popular and influential TripAdvisor website.

The site allows tourists and regulars to give their opinions and ratings for everything from bars to restaurants to hotels to entire cities and assorted tourist-related areas.

The bistro, which opened at the beginning of September, has clearly made its...

Custard tart with freshly grated nutmeg

Serves 2
750ml Cream
225g Caster Sugar
11 Egg Yolks
Pre-cooked pastry tart case

Bring the cream to the boil. Mix the egg yolks and caster sugar together until creamy. Gradually pour the hot cream over the egg mixture, then pour the mixture through a...

A perfect drink (in moderation!) for cold, wet, wintery evenings, mulled wine goes back a bit. Quite a bit, in fact. We have the Romans to thank for the warming glow of spiced, steaming wine.

The Romans were so fond of their wine it’s a wonder they got anything done at all, but back in the day what we’d consider to be a nice bottle of acceptable red would have seemed a...

Photo: “Goldilocks (Cork Camogie Captain Anna Geary) and the three bears (Kelly Gibson, Zoe Guilfoyle and Ruby Higgins from Montfort College) pictured at the launch of the The Sugarcube and Focus Ireland Porridge Campaign”]

Goldilocks and the three bears made a special appearance to launch a special charity porridge campaign, as Sugarcube on...

The health benefits of unprocessed raw foods have been extolled for decades, whether it’s seeds and nuts, unprocessed fruit or raw vegetables. Fruit and vegetable juices are by far the tastiest way to take advantage of their concentrated goodness.

Nestled on the corner between St Columbas School, and Church Road, Love Raw Kitchen has an ethos of “good food fast”....

With Christmas on its way lots of people are already making their plans for overindulgence, whether it's in terms of stocking up gradually week on week before the end of December or merely making a list, checking it twice, and being sure that everything on your menu is up to scratch. Along with your turkey, ham, puddings, mince pies and all the other Christmas goodies, the classic 'cheese and...

Six Cork establishments have made it into the hallowed pages of the 2015 Michelin Eating Out In Pubs guide. Thirty-four Irish pubs in all made the list, and Cork is represented by Mary Ann’s in Castletownshend, Poacher’s Inn in Bandon, An Súgán and Deasy’s in Clonakilty, Cronin’s in Crosshaven and Toddies at The Bulman in...

Serves 4


  • 30g cocoa powder
  • 30ml hot water
  • 30g bitter chocolate
  • 2 eggs
  • 220g plain flour
  • 56g caster sugar

Cointreau sauce:

  • 500ml orange juice
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 75ml cream
  • 20ml Cointreau


A bit chilly? Sure, you could put on an extra jumper…or you could warm up from the inside out with a little fortified wine in the form of port or sherry.

Port is much more than a digestif for middle-aged men with cigars; it’s a nice way to round out a meal, especially with a varied cheeseboard. It’s made from a range of traditional grape varieties from the Douro...

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