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Local authorities throughout the country have reviewed the tendering framework for local authority construction projects, and for the first time ever, have included an option to request low carbon concrete products in the tender process.

The new tendering framework, which came into effect on January 1st, applies to 33 local authorities throughout the country, including Cork City and...

Scotts Miracle Gro recommend sticking to the 'three shape rule' when it comes to planting pots for your deck or garden. Place tall plants in the centre, full or round plants beside them and trailing plants at the sides. 

Cover the kitchen table in newspaper, set the kids up with some rocks, paint, brushes and a list of fruit and vegetables, then watch as they create these crafty rock labels for your summer vegetable patch! 

Eager to get back into the garden? Why not give your trees a trim; deciduous varieties can be pruned in winter, but don't get carried away; the top of a garden tree should not be cut off. Members of the cherry family should also be avoided as pruning can encourage disease. Rose bushes and fruit bushes such as raspberry, blackcurrant and gooseberry can also be pruned now if necessary. 

Nowadays we all eat indoors, sleep indoors, watch television, browse the internet and even work out indoors... when was the last time you spent more than three hours outdoors? Nature has a calming, de-stressing effect; something that most of us need now more than ever, so ditch the excuses, get those gardening gloves on and dig, pot and plant your way to a brighter mood!

If plants tend to expire prematurely in your care, consider adopting a Bromeliad. Available at Hanleys in a range of colours, they're part of the pineapple family and, while inedible, make great indoor plants as they have very few needs and few problem pests. With the right care you can enjoy bromeliads in your home year round or seasonally during the winter for many years.

Suffering tinsel withdrawal? Reintroduce some sparkle with an eclectic Antler Chandelier, €144, Next.

Once you take down the Christmas tree, start the New Year on the right foot by giving the rest of the house a thorough clean and polish. To remove dust from blinds or net curtains, fill the bathtub with warm, soapy water and let them soak for an hour. Add a drop or two of bleach to get rid of any stains on white blinds and allow to dry before replacing.  

Bake More Cake Letterpress Print €19.80,

The best New Year's resolutions enhance your enjoyment of everyday life rather than take away from it. Here are three we know you can stick to: 

1. Bake more

Not only is baking a creative and satisfying pastime, it's also a brilliant way to spend quality time with...

Whether you're hosting a turkey dinner on Christmas Day or a St. Stephens Day drinks for a dozen, make sure your home is a winter wonderland with our top 10 festive entertaining tips... 


Make scents 

Lucy Hagerty's La Bougie candles are created from scratch using essential oils and aromatics from around the world, each one carefully poured...

Michael Tobin and Danny Collins helping to unpack some of the decorations at the CUH. Picture Clare Keogh 

Eight staff from Hanley’s of Cork crept through the hospital corridors after dark this week to create a Christmas installation in the special Millennium Garden and deck the halls of the wards to bring some festive joy to sick children who will be...

What to buy the gardener who has everything? We asked Hanleys for their top tips:

Digital weather station

Monitor the seasons, plan projects and create your personal weather forecast with this digital weather station. Measure temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction from the comfort of your living room; the data is wirelessly transmitted to...

A tough job becomes better, safer and maybe even more enjoyable with the right accessories; these Radio Earmuffs, look like a regular set, but also boast audio input of 3.5mm (AUX) for mp3 or communication radio. They're individually designed for the left and right ear, meaning that they follow the shape of the head, ensuring a comfortable fit. €109.99 fro the Husqvarna Centre,...

Moths and their larvae can cause severe damage to clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets during winter months. “Once inside the home, moths lay eggs in dark and rarely disturbed areas where clothes or other textiles are stored." says Dr Colm Moore, Area Technical Manager at Rentokil. "High risk areas include spare rooms, under beds, infrequently used wardrobes and attics...

This Wild & Wolf design classic in festive red will delight any vintage fan this Christmas. €61.95, Pavilion Garden Centre, Myrtle Hill, Ballygarvan, Co. Cork.

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