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Take advantage of every sunny Saturday by investing in a top of the range barbecue. This stylish Weber model is one of a selection available at Cork BBQ Centre, Unit 7, Forge Hill, Cork.

One of the most stylish plants for a garden or patio, buxus grows between April and June, so now is a good time to prune and trim it into a neat shape.

Dahlias are enjoying a major renaissance at the moment. Gardening is as subject to the whims of fashion as anything else, and right now, Dahlias are hot. They’re great value, producing big, showy flowers that add great panache to your outdoor space.

Their giant blossoms are dense and elaborately petalled; they’re long-flowering and available in a tremendous array of variety...

The bold shade of this bridal bouquet reminded us of Romo's Fougere Zinnia fabric, which is divine in curtains. Check it out at The Drapery Shop on Emmet Place or call them on 021 427 1877 for more details.

If the glorious summer sunshine has left your bedroom looking a little dated, now is the time to inject a touch of the exotic. This 'Priscilla' bed linen by Julien McDonald is now available at the bargain price of €21.50 - €54.50 (was €43 - €109) at Debenhams.

Are slugs munching your prized plants at night time? To eradicate them from your flower beds, sink a small container filled with beer into the ground near their favourite plant. The slugs will be attracted by the yeast and fall in, trapping them instantly.

Irish luxury candle company Max Benjamin has two male fragrances which are ideal for dads on Father’s Day. The new Fragrance for Him (a strong masculine scent with cardamom, black pepper and patchouli mixed with amber tonka and musks) comes in a candle (€19.95), and diffuser (€26.95) from the Kilkenny Shop, Emmet Place and Shanagarry.

Perennial Lavender is a great choice for Irish gardens; it's adored by bees, emits a calming scent and it's famous for producing an essential oil that has inherent antibiotic properties, as well as helping insomnia. You can dry your own lavender once you pick it, and chop it up to put in little pouches to put into drawers, wardrobes or pillowcases.

The best known kinds of lavender are...

This Jane Churchill 'Oceana' fabric is a cute choice for a seaside getaway. Available in blue or coral from The Drapery Shop, Emmet Place.

If you're the type of person who sets the alarm in order to get the best sun lounger, you'll be needing one of these...

Ben de Lisi 'Reserved' motif beach towel, €14, Debenhams.

These Le Jardin pots look chic in a country style garden. From a selection at Next, Blackpool.

This vintage-inspired vase is a bargain at €28.99 from Style 25, Drawbridge St. Cork.

Use a few drops of baby oil on a paper towel to remove fingerprints from stainless steel refrigerators and ovens.

Our changeable weather means Irish gardeners have to be crafty when it comes to choosing their plants. As it’s so unpredictable we must allow for wind, rain and sun, making landscaping and planting a challenge.

Hanleys Garden Centre has a lovely range of Nonstop Begonias, an aptly titled sturdy bloomer that will add bright sparks of colour even in partial shade and low levels of...

Geometric prints are a summer hit in fashion, but why limit them to your wardrobe? Browse the extensive fabric library at The Drapery Shop, Emmet Place, Cork for fun patterns and colourways or email them a picture of a pattern or colour you like ( and their expert team will suggest some fabric options...

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