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If you update your look in just one way this season, make sure it's in the brow department.

One of the easiest ways to define and enhance your features, the androgynous brow was everywhere during New York and London Fashion Weeks, sparking a global grow-out frenzy.

Make-up Artist Lynsey Alexander, using Revlon, put brows in the spotlight at Whistles LFW show: "The inspiration was very much boy meets girls." she said. "The look was effortless, utilitarian, sleek yet modern with a focus on the brows and glossy skin."

At Proenza Schouler, Diane Kendal for MAC went for “A naturally enhanced beauty with a strong brow focus.”


Here's how to create the straight, full brow everybody's after:

Step 1: Leave them alone! To achieve a healthy, full brow you need to stop plucking and wait for your natural shape to grow back. Bin your tweezers and allow your brows to do their own thing for two months. Ask your hair stylist to cut in a fringe if the thought of sporting unruly brows for eight weeks is too traumatic.

Step 2: While the hair is growing in, brush your brows daily with a brow brush, also known as a spoolie. This trains the hair to grow in one direction and keeps them neat. Use a brow gel to tame any stragglers.

Step 3: With a brow pencil (two shades darker than your hair for blondes, two shades lighter for brunettes) use short feathery strokes to gently fill in any sparse areas. Run the spoolie through your brow again to soften the colour.

Step 4: Just one appointment with a HD Brow expert can change the way you groom your brows forever. The unique, seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment focuses on design and involves an combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing and threading.


Where to find HD Brows in Cork:

The Edge Hair Design Nail and Brow Lounge, Emmet Place: 021 422 27 93.

Adoré Oliver Plunkett St. 021 4270031

Body Beautiful, East Douglas Village: 021 483 5006

Bonny Brows Beauty Box, 9Military Road, Cork: 085 131 07 82

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