Move or Make Over: Convert your conservatory into a cosy sunroom

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Neville Knott

"We have a conservatory off our kitchen which we have decided to convert into a second TV room as it was incredibly difficult to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. I don’t want to darken the room too much as it provides an enormous amount of light to our kitchen, so I would really appreciate some advice on what colour to paint it. There will be glass doors between the kitchen and new sunroom also."

Pamela O'Riordan, St Lukes, Cork

Controlling the temperature of a conservatory is notoriously difficult so it's a good idea to tile the roof and convert the room into a functional sunroom. The room will naturally darken somewhat as you will be covering a large portion of the glass but you will still benefit from light pouring in through the ample windows. 

I'd suggest that you paint the room in a light shade to counteract some of the lost light to your kitchen and draw the eye from your kitchen out to the sunroom where the sunny rays originate. Beige Light from Crown’s Ultimate range  is a warm and inviting shade that will retain some heat in winter and reflect it in summer. The Ultimate range is really long-lasting and can be used on ceilings, walls and wood.

Instead of using Pure Brilliant White on your wood and metal, I would advise you choose a warmer shade like White Light, which would be slightly lighter than the paint on the walls and would maintain that fresh and bright feel. Take a look at Taupe Light, also from the Ultimate range, as well.

Another option, from Crown’s Classic Collection, would be Organic Silk. Again this is a warm but bright shade of cream that will complement Wheatgrass well. Using this shade along with White Light from the Ultimate range on any wood or metal would make the room particularly cosy and warm during harsh winter months. If repainting your kitchen is a real consideration, then I would advise you to take a look at Lightest Beige from Crown’s Easyclean range, an inviting shade of cream that will maximise the illuminations in your room. By painting these interconnecting rooms in the same colour it will give a sense of fluidity between the rooms.

When it comes to choosing furniture, I would stick with neutral shades of beige and cream. Steer clear of leather couches or armchairs as they tend to be cold in winter months and hot in summer. If you are opting for hardwood flooring then I recommend you purchase a rug that will add warmth and a cosy feel to the room in winter.

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